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At Armour Law Firm we provide dedication, compassion and experience to each matter. Our goals are simple, client satisfaction and optimal results. Our NJ divorce attorney approaches each case with a goal of reaching optimal results. Optimal results involves handling each case by first attempting to bring a fair and reasonable settlement. After all, over 90% of cases are settled out of court. Thus, in most cases the end result will be the same, that is, settlement. However, the actual settlement is different in each case and each settlement requires skilled negotiation with attention to detail.

At Armour Law Firm we offer the services of NJ divorce mediation for parties that are able to resolve their issues without court intervention. However, if the other spouse or his or her attorney is being unreasonable, our NJ divorce attorney will provide you with aggressive and professional representation that is focused on what is in your best interest.

Divorce is difficult to face but it becomes more difficult to know that divorce is inevitable and you have no knowledge of your legal rights or the process. We offer a free initial consultation to help you have a better understanding of the process and your future. Our NJ divorce attorney will help determine the issues in your case, and advise you of your options and rights. Each case is fact sensitive with issues that vary from the simplest to the most complex. Generally, the most complex issues involve those with custody or parenting time disputes, alimony, and evaluations of marital property.

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Taking Control Through Divorce Mediation -

Control Your Future through Divorce Mediation

Divorce feels like you have lost total control because the divorce process and your future are unknown.  Mediation helps reduce the loss of control.  A good mediator will guide you through the process and give you options.  However, mediation may not be proper in every case.  A good mediator should be able to determine whether divorce mediation is appropriate.

How does Divorce Mediation give you Control?

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New Jersey Grandparent Visitation Rights -

New Jersey Grandparent Visitation Statute N.J.S.A. 9:2-7.1

On January 12, 2016 in Major v. Maguire, the NJ Supreme Court addressed a case regarding the Grandparent Visitation Statute. N.J.S.A. 9:2-7.1. The plaintiffs, represented by counsel, commenced an action under the statue alleging their involvement in their granddaughter’s life from birth and contended that their alienation from the child would cause her harm.

The defendant, represented by counsel argued that the plaintiffs had failed to establish a prima facie showing of harm to the child in the absence of visitation,

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New Jersey Alimony Law Alimony Waiver for Failure to Enforce -

Payee may cause alimony waiver for failure to request enforcement.

A recent case decided on January 11, 2016, Lazar v. Lazar, dealt with the issue of possible alimony waiver for failure to enforce the provisions of the parties martial settlement agreement.  On appeal from Bergen County, both parties represented by counsel, the plaintiff appealed an order denying his motion to enforce the provisions of the final judgment of divorce, requiring defendant to pay past due alimony totaling $126,000.

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