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New Jersey Divorce Documents Checklist

New Jersey Divorce Documents Checklist

Whether you are in the first stages of contemplating a divorce or have already met with a New Jersey divorce attorney it is important to have a New Jersey divorce documents checklist, which will help you gather and organize all of the necessary documents you will need to proceed. Knowing what documents your attorney will ask for will help save time and money through all stages of the divorce process and give your attorney the tools needed to effectively represent you. Even the most experienced New Jersey divorce attorneys cannot tackle a case without their clients’ preparedness.

While some New Jersey divorce documents are simple for most individuals to acquire, others will be more difficult to obtain. If this is the case, there is no need to become overwhelmed as your attorney will help you gather what is needed or take the necessary legal steps to do so.

Each client and case is unique so some of the common New Jersey divorce documents discussed in this article may not pertain to you. You may also find yourself gathering documents not mentioned here that are relevant to your case.

The basic purpose of organizing all of these papers for your attorney is to give him or her an accurate picture of your marital life style and individual life style. Without understanding this vital piece of the puzzle, negotiating a fair and accurate settlement agreement will be a futile attempt. Not disclosing all information to your attorney can put your interests in jeopardy and prolong settlement.

As the process of gathering financial and marital documents can be overwhelming at first, this list starts with the basics that you should aim to have on hand once you have decided to work with a divorce attorney.

Start by going through this New Jersey divorce documents checklist and checking off all the documents that you can easily assess. It is also helpful to make note of those relevant to you that will require assistance from your attorney or another party to obtain such as an accountant, appraiser, or business partner.

Basic Personal Documents

• Driver’s license or ID
• Social security card or number for you, your children, and spouse
• Immigration documents, such as visas, open applications, and naturalization paper

Employment Documents

• Employer name, address, and phone number for you and your spouse
• Employment contracts or offer letters
• Last three pay stubs for you and your spouse
• Social security statements for you and your spouse

Insurance Related Documents

• Health insurance card and relevant information
• Life insurance
• Disability insurance
• Automobile insurance information
• Homeowner’s or rental insurance
• All other insurance policies

Marital Home and Personal Property

• Property deed
• Most recent home appraisal
• Mortgage and loan statements for the past three years
• Utility bills and other household expenses
• List of joint and personal property in home including furniture, appliances, computers, jewelry, family heirlooms and photos, etc.

Child Related Expenses

• Out of pocket healthcare expenses
• Daycare or private school tuition
• College contribution
• Extracurricular activities, sports, tutoring
• Clothing and gifts

Financial and Tax Documents

• Current bank statements for joint and personal checking and savings accounts
• Safety deposit boxes
• All investment accounts (stock, bond, and mutual)
• Stock portfolios and stock options
• Inheritances
• Trusts
• Annuities
• 529 college saving plans
• State and federal income tax returns for the past 3 years
• W-2 statements for the past 3 years
• Any outstanding tax liens

Short and Longterm Debts

• Joint and personal credit cards statements
• Current loans and loans for which you or your spouse have co-signed
• Vehicle liens or leases
• Outstanding medical bills for you, your spouse, or children

Retirement Account Information for Both Parties

• Pensions
• IRAs, Roth IRAs
• 401(K), 403(b)

Divorce Related and Other Legal Documents

• Final or temporary domestic violence retraining orders
• Consent Orders between the parties
• Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements
• Any other legal documents relevant to the divorce and/or children
• Correspondence from spouse or spouse’s attorney related to the divorce

Other Documents to Consider

• Estate planning documents including wills, living wills, powers of attorney, and Advance Health Care Directives for you and your spouse
• Vacation homes and time shares
• Other properties obtained before or after marriage including rental, investment and commercial
• Information about business interests of you and/or your spouse including partnership and shareholder agreements, assets, debts, and tax returns

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