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Sample NJ Divorce Documents

NJ Divorce Documents

To prepare for the divorce process it is wise to familiarize yourself with the types NJ divorce documents and pleadings (legal documents filed with the court) that you will encounter at the start. The divorce process formally begins with the Complaint for Divorce being filed with the court and served on the Defendant. Thirty-five days after service the Defendant is required to file an Answer. Once the court has received all necessary pleadings and filing fees, a notice to attend a Case Management Conference will usually be sent to both parties or their attorneys if represented. During the Case Management Conference many issues may be addressed, such as scheduling or rescheduling the service of motions, pleadings, and trial dates, scheduling, ordering, or expediting discovery, and pursuing the possibilities of settlement. Each party is also required to complete a Case Information Statement, which helps to establish the financial lifestyle of the parties and their children.

The list below contains the sample NJ divorce documents discussed above.

Depending on the complexity and issues in dispute in your case you will encounter various other documents before and after executing the final Marital Settlement agreement such as:

Your attorney will walk you through each step of your unique case to ensure you stay updated throughout the process.