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Taking Control Through Divorce Mediation

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Control Your Future through Divorce Mediation

Divorce feels like you have lost total control because the divorce process and your future are unknown.  Mediation helps reduce the loss of control.  A good mediator will guide you through the process and give you options.  However, mediation may not be proper in every case.  A good mediator should be able to determine whether divorce mediation is appropriate.

How does Divorce Mediation give you Control?

You take control of the solutions.  If your case goes to trial, a judge will be making the decisions on your case.  Generally, judges will try their best to wrap up all the issues.  A judge’s decision will be based on making it difficult for the parties to come back to court.    For example, a judge may decide that the parties are required to sell or buy the other spouse out of the marital residence.  In mediation, parties may agree to allow more time for the sale such as when the children graduate from high school.  Or, the parties may decide to live in the marital residence for some extended amount of time after the divorce.

You take control of your finances.  From the onset of the divorce mediation, the parties have made a decision to spend money wisely, that is, on the their family rather than litigation.  On average, divorce mediation may cost $3,000.00-$5,000.00 depending on how quickly the parties settle.  On the other hand, litigation requires two attorneys with an average cost of $5,000.00-$10,0000.00 for each attorney.  Divorce Mediation provides the spouses with options of how to equitably distribute their hard earned assets  or dividing debt.  You will have the ability to structure the distribution of the debt or asset.  Instead of having a judge make a decision on the financial distribution, you could have an expert such as a financial advisor and or accountant to give you the best distribution option.

These are just a few good reasons to mediate your divorce.  Click here to learn more about Divorce Mediation and all of its advantages.